Home Valuation 6

After 31 years of helping home owners sell their home, we have seen lots of trends, and more than a few fads.

Some years ago the concept of “Home Staging” became a lot more popular, and it is currently done routinely by a relatively small number of real estate agents.

We think it does make a difference.  Unless the home is entirely unfurnished, it makes sense to have an expert in this area go through and make suggestions on how the home can be more attractive to prospective buyers.  We don’t know any downside, but there is a real upside.

One mis-perception is that a list of expensive ideas will come out of the Stager’s consultation.  Not so.  Typically the Stager makes a series of small suggestions, occasionally involving the purchase of a small accessory that will make a room or other area of the house “pop” with more color and style.  Other suggestions may involve rearranging home furnishings so that the flow and feel of the home is enhanced.  Put a string of these small changes together and you can have a much more buyer-friendly home.

So if you have not considered Home Staging as another tool in the home selling kit, please do think about how valuable it can be.

And by the way, we provide Home Staging services for our listings, done by a professional Stager we have been working with for over 10 years now.  And without any cost of our home sellers.

I can tell you for sure, we have come to rely on the extra edge that the staging provides when compared to homes that have not had that service.  It helps to get your home sold, and sold well.

As always, be in contact with us if you would like answers to questions or concerns you have about any future sale of your home.  We are here for you!

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