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5 Big Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid! – Mistake #1

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Thanks for responding to our email series on “5 Big Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid!”

This is the First Mistake.  We’ll email the other four, one at a time every few days, to complete the series.

Working in real estate for the last 31 years, I have seen all kinds of mistakes that homebuyers make.  One of my jobs is to help people I serve avoid these mistakes.  Right now, I’d like to help you.

Let’s get right to the first one.  In my view, this is the most significant of them all, because it will impact every aspect of your home buying experience.  Mistake Number 1 is…..working with the wrong real estate agent!

To understand why this choice is so important for you, please let me share something about the real estate industry:
Most of the residential real estate sold in the USA is sold by a relatively small number
of highly productive real estate agents.

By some accounts, the big majority of agents will be out of the business within about 5 years.

Why should you care, and what impact does this have on you?  You should care because the quality, depth, and skill of your agent has everything to do with how things go for your real estate transaction.  Just ask yourself this question: For the biggest financial transaction of your life, who would you rather work with?  Would it be someone you have total confidence and trust in, and you know can get you through every detail of the transaction?  Or something less?

Here is what I suggest:  Let other people who have not done the due diligence that you are doing right now, by educating yourself about consumer mistakes, select the less experienced and less skilled agents.  But for you, why not work with someone who inspires confidence, knows how to get you to a successful end result, and is fun to work with as well!

You can choose wisely, and you will be happy before, during, and after the transaction if you do so.

Only you can decide who is right for you, but I can invite you to take a look at a brief video of candid comments from people we have served over the years, to hear their descriptions of how my team and I serve home buyers and sellers.

We do treat our clients like royalty, and people tell us over and over that we do a great job of taking the stress out of the process.  We’d be honored to hear from you.  Let us know how we can help!

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