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for The Kathy O'Neal Team


Anyone who asks us, we always say, she has been the best Realtor that we have ever had, by far.

Angela in Aldie

When we have friends who move to this area, there is no question… I always recommend Kathy.


I wish I had the ‘Kathy O’Neal’ for the other areas we have [moved to or from]… she is by far the best we have ever worked with.


She did such a good job of explaining where the market was… and gave us a very accurate picture of what we could expect.


Kathy helped us get a good price for the house…the price was perfect.


The whole process was painless and stress free. Kathy is the best. Quote me on that.


Kathy was always so accommodating. No matter how small the question, the response was always, ‘We’ll take care of that.’ I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and the team…would recommend her to anyone.


Having Kathy guide us through the process made it pleasant, rather than scary or stressful or confusing.


It was so much fun working with Kathy….having her on our side was wonderful.


I got exactly what is wanted… the house, the mortgage… it did not happen by chance. I would not have trusted anyone else with this.


Kathy and her team were true advocates for me.

Sharon R.

[With Kathy]….I didn’t have to think about it…I didn’t have to worry about it!?