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5 Big Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid! – Mistake #5

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At one time or another all of us have experienced it.

You have a decision to make, but you are either unsure which way to go, or you are worried that your decision could be the wrong one, and you will have to deal with the consequences.

Many home buyers experience some version of this, and it is normally just the rational mind giving you a reality check, reminding you that you are making an important decision, and that you should do it with care and good judgment.

But this normal caution can become a roadblock to your home ownership goal, if irrational anxiety overtakes rational due diligence.  If that happens you are making Mistake Number 5…letting fear become your foe and not your friend.

The home buying process does have a number of small decisions, and a few very big decisions.  It is important to keep the small decisions in perspective so that they don’t inhibit your good judgment about the few big things.

Having a seasoned, highly experienced agent, that you feel comfortable with, will make all the difference.  But even with that support, it is important to keep your eyes on the goal, and not get sidetracked with the many small items, and occasional annoyances, that can happen during the process.

That said, you don’t want to do a deal that you have serious reservations about, or that your “gut” tells you is wrong for you.  But we are not talking about ignoring your intuition and “gut level” instincts.  We are talking about keeping a clear head and rational perspective.

Here are three things to keep your confidence and good judgment in the driver’s seat.

1 – Due diligence – do your “homework” by being informed on all of the major elements of the process that you can reasonably know about.  Your agent should be a prime source of providing you with the insights and awareness you need.

2 – Keep your goal at the forefront – you can and should always be able to walk away from a deal that is not working, but you also want to be able to get your home of choice.  When dealing with the give and take of negotiation, keep the big picture in mind.

3 – Work only with a well experienced real estate agent – I know I am repeating something we covered earlier, but this is important.  If you work with a highly experienced and knowledgeable agent, you will feel far more confident about all aspects of a typical real estate transaction.

If you are considering buying your first or next home, but feel like you need some objective perspective on the questions and concerns you have, by all means give me a call.  I work with buyers all the time who have questions and just want to chat about their needs with someone who will not give them a “sales pitch,” but will help them get insights so they can make their own best decision on what’s next.

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