Home Valuation 2

We’d like to share our view on the most important decision you will make in selling your home.

With over 31 years in this business, as the saying goes, “We have seen it all!”

The typical real estate transaction has thousands of details, and a good number of things that can go wrong.  Here is the decision that will help most of those details go right:

                                                    Choose a really, really good real estate agent!

That one decision will dramatically impact every part of the process, from start to finish.  And you should know that there is a wide spectrum of competence and knowledge among folks in the real estate business.  We urge you, whether we have the privilege of working with you or not, to be wise and do your “homework” before selecting a real estate agent.

In the next email, we will give you a few guidelines that will help in this regard.  And in the meantime, we invite you to see and hear about how we do real estate, directly from the comments of folks we have served.

We can tell you that these are typical reactions from our clients….thanks for taking a look.

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